Lebanese Rolls

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Prep Time: 10 Min Cook time: 15 Min


      For For Dough
  • All Purpose Flour2 1/2 cups extra for flooring
  • Dry instant yeast1 Tablespoon
  • Warm Water3/4 cup
  • Olive Oil5 Tabelspoons
  • Caster sugar2 Tablespoons
  • SaltTo Taste
    1. For For Kababas Roll
  • Cooked Minced Meat or Soya Granules1 cup (i used soya granules)
  • Boiled Potato1 Large
  • Bread Crumbs2 Tablespoons
  • Mix Spices1 Tablespoon
  • Corn Starch1 Tablespoon
  • Salt To Taste
  • Garlic1 Tablespoon minced
  • Vegetable Oilfor deep or shallow frying
  • Mozeralla Cheese100 grams sliced
  • Dried Garlic & Oregano mix2 Tablespoons


  1. Combine water , sugar and yeast and let it stand for a minute. Add salt oil then fold flour to make dough. Knead for some time then let it rest in warm place till raise or double in size.
  2. Combine and mix cooked minced meat/ soya granules, boiled potato, bread crumbs, corn starch, garlic, mix spices and salt and knead.
  3. Make small ball from the mixture then roll it using your hands like Lola Kababs.
  4. Heat oil a nd deep fry or shallow fry them in oil. Set aside.
  5. Divide the dough into 4 and make balls. Roll the dough round then cut it into 8 wedges like cutting the pizza  using a knife.
  6. Place a slice of mozzeralla cheese then place the Kabab and roll the wedge, starting the narrow end. Do the same with remaining. Place them in baking tray spray/brush some olive oil then sprinkle some dried garlic & oregano mix.
  7. Pre- heat oven and bake the Lebanese Rolls for 10 minutes. Enjoy eating Lebanese Rolls at home.

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