Aye Khanom

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Prep Time: 30 Min Cook time: 40 Min


  • Qurma Dal Nakhod check for recipe below
  • Tomato Saucecheck for recipe below
  • Mix Curd/Chakacheck for recipe below
    1. For For Garnishing
  • Dry Mint 1 Tablespoon
  • Red Chilli Powder1 Teaspoon


  1. Mantu Filling Recipe here
  2. Dal nakhod Recipe here 2. Tomato Sauce recipe here 3. Mix Chaka recipe here.

Making the Aye Khanom

  1. Make small ball from the dough and flatten to make it thin using a rolling pin or pasta machine.
  2. Add a layer of the mixture on the long and thin sheet of the dough then roll each one by one gently and loosely to make Aye Khanom.
  3. Now, place the Aye Khanom to the greased steamer.
  4. Boil water in a steamer and steam Aye Kahnom for 40 minutes.
  5. Place the steamed Aye Khanom in a layered Mixed Curd/Chaka plate then sprinkle some Qurma Dal Nakhod.
  6. Then add some Tomato Sauce, then sprinkle a little Mix Curd on it again.
  7. Finally, finish it with sprinkling some dry mint & cayenne pepper on the top and enjoy.

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