Yogurt Pancake

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Prep Time: 5 Min Cook time: 20 Min


  • Yogurt6 Tablespoons
  • Eggs2 each
  • Sugar2-3 Tablespoons
  • Vanilla Essence1 Teaspoon
  • Baking Powder3/4 Tablespoon
  • All purpose Flour1 Cup
  • Vegetable Oil2 Tablespoons


  1. Whisk eggs then add yogurt, sugar, vanilla , oil and whisk again.
  2. Add in flour, baking powder and combine/mix well to make goeey batter.
  3. Heat non stick pan and grease the pan. Then lower the heat.
  4. Pour a spoonful of batter on pan and cook until bubbles appear on top, then flip to cook the other side.
  5. Serve with Honey

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