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    Prep Time: 3 hrs Min Cook time: 8 hrs Min


    • Whole Wheat1 cup
    • Wheat Flour4-5 cups
    • Poppy Seeds (khashkhash)
    • Water6 cups
    • Whole Walnut15


    1. Clean and wash the wheat then soak it in water for 3 days or till sprouts. Do change the water everyday.
    2. Transfer them on a spread-out cotton cloth. You should cover it both on top and bottom. make sure the cloth covering is moist and humid at all times.(If you have bamboo flat basket (tokri khamir) you can just spread them on basket then cover them with cotton cloth).
    3. Take a spray water bottle and sprinkle with water 3,4 times a day. If you dont have bamboo flat basket when you notice the sprouts grow then transfer them to a clean suitable platter then cover the sprouts with moist cotton cloth.
    4. Make sure the cotton cloth should be moist all the time. Continue sprinkle with water spray water bottle everyday.
    5. When sprouts grows 2 inches green they are ready.
    6. Now blend them with one cup water in blender well.
    7. Then pour the mixture into a clean cotton cloth and squeeze the water in a pot.
    8. Again add the mixture with one cup water in blender and blend. Again pour the mixture back to cotton cloth and squeeze the white water or the extracts. Do this process 6 times till the 6 cups water finishes and you get all the extracts from the wheat sprouts.
    9. Now add the wheat flour to the white water (extracts) and mix well so no lumps at all.
    10. Heat the burner and start cooking the Samanak, be careful at beginning it needs non stop stirring to avoid burning and lumps. Cooking Samanak takes some time like about 5 hours.(low heat)
    11. When you see the color changing it will need less stirring. like every 5 minutes you stir.This time you can add the walnuts.
    12. When you see the Samanak thickens then add 2 cups of water and stir again.
    13. Now its time for steaming. Cover the lid with cotton cloth.You can eighter put it in over for 20 minutes or on a very low heat burner.
    14. Ready now you can plate the samanak and decorate it with poppy seeds. Enjoy.

    Note: The pictures sent by a friend to me.

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