Kabab Degi

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    Prep Time: 20 Min Cook time: 60 Min


        For Marination
    • Lamb Meat (cut into small pieces )1 kg
    • Yogurt1 cup
    • Onion Juice1 cup
    • Black pepper1 Tablespoon
    • Coriander Powder2 Tablespoons
    • Saltto taste
      1. For Kabab Dege
    • Lamb Rump (cut into piecs)300 grams
    • Tomatoes, chopped1 kg
    • Chili to Taste
    • Olive Oil100 grams
    • Garlic (pasted)1 head
    • saltTo Taste



    1. Combine lamb meat, yogurt, onion juice, black pepper, coriander powder and salt together. Let it set over night.

    Kabab Degi:

    1. Cook the lamb rump with oil over heat until a little bit of its oil separates from rump.
    2. Add garlic, chili and tomatoes and cook for 5 minutes.
    3. Then add lamb meat and cook until meat is done. When Kabab Dege separates oil ready to serve with bread.

    ترجمه دستور به لسان فارسی دری

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