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Prep Time: 15 Min Cook time: 20 Min


      For Syrup
  • Sugar1 Cup
  • Water1 Cup
  • Rose Essence1 Teaspoon
    1. For Filling
  • Almond3 Tablespoons
  • Kaju (indian Almond)3 Tablespoons
  • Raisins3 Tablespoons
  • Watermelon Seeds3 Tablespoons
  • Coconut Desiccated3 Tablespoons
  • Cream3 Tablespoons
  • Milk Powder5 Tablespoons
  • Sugar (powdered)3 Tablespoons
  • Cardamom Powder1 Teaspoon
    1. For Dough
  • Flour2 Cups
  • Ghee3 Tablespoons
  • Cold Water1/2 cup or as needed
  • Salta pinch


  1. Dough : Combine ghee with salt flour using fingertips. Add water to make soft dough. Let it set for 20 minutes.
  2. Syrup: On medium heat cook water and sugar for 8 minutes (the syrup must be sticky). Add rose and set aside.
  3. Filling: Pulse 2-3 times kaju, almond , watermelon seeds and raisins, coconut,cardamom using blender. Now on medium heat cook cream with powdered milk until thick. Remove from heat add dry fruit mixture with sugar and mix well. Let cool then stir well.
  4. Divide the dough into four and roll out a piece of dough using rolling pin. Cut circle using cutter then place a tablespoon of filling mixture in center of circled dough and fold to make half moon ,seal edges using a fork.
  5. Heat oil in fryer and deep fry gujiyas on medium heat. Remove from oil and dip them into the syrup then place them on rack. Sprinkle some crushed almond and pistachio.
  6. Cool and serve.

ترجمه دستور به فارسی دری

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