Curry Base


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    Prep Time: 10 Min Cook time: 20 Min


    • Ghee/vegetable oil1/4 cup
    • Tomato5 chopped
    • Onion1 large sliced
    • Ginger Paste1/2 teaspoon
    • Garlic 7 cloves minced
    • Coriandersome
    • Carrot 1 chopped
    • Paprika Powder1 Tablesoon
    • Cashew Nut or Almond5-6
    • Curry Masala2 Tablespoons
    • Cream 4 Tablespoons
    • Yogurt4 Tablespoons
    • Salt To Taste


    1. In a deep pan add oil the minced garlic then add ginger paste and onion and saute it till it scatters.
    2. Add chopped tomato, carrot and coriander. Cook covered till it softens in low flame heat, stir in between.
    3. Then transfer it to blender jar add some water, cashew nuts or almond and blend well to smooth.
    4. Now transfer back the smooth paste to the deep pan and add Paprika powder, Curry Masala, cream, yogurt and stir to mix well.
    5. Cook it in low heat for some minutes or until oil separates from gravy.

    Note: If you use the gravy for later use , you can freeze it in freezer  but do not add the cream and yogurt now add it later. ترجمه دستور به فارسی دری

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