Qaimaq chai (pink tea)


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Prep Time: Min Cook time: Min


  • Milk1 cup
  • Water1 cup
  • Cardamom2-3 crushed 1/4 teaspoon powder
  • Baking Sodaa pinch
  • Tea2 Teaspoons
  • Sugar 1 Tablespoon or To Taste
  • Salta pinch
  • Clotted Cream2 Tablespons for serving
  • Some nuts


  1. In a bowl add water salt, soda and tea leaves and let it set for an hour.
  2. After an hour bring it to boil to change color darker.Its called Qawa or Kawa.
  3. Now boil your milk add sugar cardamom and Qawa through a sieve to avoid mixing tea leaves to milk.
  4. Boil it for a minute and the color changes to pink its ready.
  5. Pour the sheer chai into cup then add the clotted cream. recipe for clotted cream.Serve.

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