Mix Vegetables Pickle/Torshi (afghani)

  • Mix vegetable Turshi/Torshi is a winter pickle. It goes well with any dish you cook, and it makes your mouth watering when make.

    Here are the mix vegetable Pickle recipe and youtube video.

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    Prep Time: 30-40 Min Cook time: 15 Min


    • Cauliflower1 Small(florets)
    • Brinjal ( small)6 (optional)
    • Carrot2 (Cut)
    • Turnip3-4 (Cut)
    • Chilli or jalapeno, whole or chopped1 Cup
    • Dried Mint1-2 Tablespoons
    • Sea SaltTo Taste
    • Distilled White Vinegar4 cups
    • Red Chili Chutney (See the recipe in this website)8-10 Tablespoons
    • Garlic, chopped1 Large Head
    • WaterAs Needed


    1. Boil the cauliflower, turnip, carrot, brinjal in enough water, 1/2 cup of vinegar, and a tablespoon of salt until they tender.
    2. When the vegetables are tender, remove from heat, strain and let it cool completely.
    3. Then pour the boiled vegetables into the desired container. Add garlic, jalapeno too. Now mix vinegar with mint, salt, and red chutney.
    4. Recipe Herered Chili chutney.
    5. Then pour the vinegar mixture into the container to cover the whole vegetables well. (Make sure the vegetables are fully covered with the vinegar, if not add more vinegar.). Cover the airtight container, and let it set for 15-30  days or so in the fridge.

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