Cheese Slice Toast

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    Prep Time: 2 Min Cook time: 2 Min


    • Organic nine seeds Bread2 slices
    • Slice Cheese2 slices
    • Butter1 Tablespoon
    • Garlic SpreadAs needed


    1. Butter the bread slices or add a little butter to the pan.
    2. Put the bread on a half tablespoon of the butter in the pan and arrange the sliced cheese on the bread.
    3. Then put another slice of bread on the top of the sliced cheese.
    4. Cook for less than a minute on low to medium heat until the bread lightly browns.
    5. Add a little more butter on top of the bread and flip the toast, then cook the toast for some other time until lightly brown.
    6. Serve with chutney.

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